Will John Eldredge or any of the Ransomed Heart Team be participating in the weekend?

None of the Ransomed Heart Team will participate in the weekend. BASE CAMP will be led by local men who have previously attended the Ransomed Heart Boot Camp and Advanced Retreats.


What's the weekend agenda?

We will not be publishing a detailed agenda for the weekend in advance. Much of the weekend focuses on material presented in the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge or comes from other Ransomed Heart Ministries publications. We will have large group sessions to cover specific topics accompanied with supporting film clips and personal stories of the speaking team. At certain points, there may be separate sessions for first time attenders. There will be time available for personal reflection on the material and for discussion with other men. 


Will there be any free time?

There will be free time throughout the weekend, primarily on Friday and Saturday afternoon. We will be offering several optional activities during the free time including hiking, canoeing, climbing wall, high ropes course, board games, etc.